An Antiquing Village Day Trip, Richmond Illinois


Most of us can recall fond memories of childhood vacations. Sometimes just weekend visits, they were often experienced as "straight shots" to our destination. As we revisit some of these places as adults, we often see the many things we missed along the way. Many towns were known only as a blur; but now, years later, we curious discover the treasures beyond the highway. The Village of Richmond, in Illinois, is one of those such gems you'll be glad you stopped for.

Featuring a rich history, Richmond offers an experience that will take you back to another time. The town has a number of homes ranging from Victorian to Greek and Gothic revival, many of which have been restored to their original glory; they are the perfect complement to the most well known feature of Richmond, antiquing. These ornate homes distinctly express over a hundred years of architecture, while antique shops feature diverse collections from the past eras.

Specialty shops and restaurants bring the downtown district back to the present day. Visitors are invited to enjoy a gourmet bite to eat while sipping a relaxing cup of tea or glass of wine before continuing their browsing. The shops include everything from leathers, honey, and d├ęcor to cats and quilting. The town also offers golfing, an indoor archery range and a hunt club for those with more masculine interests.

Roughly a ninety minute drive northwest of Chicago, Richmond, Illinois, "Village of Yesseryear", makes for a great day trip in the modern era. Visit or call 815-678-4040 for more information.


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